Corona virus has made many hands-on therapists look differently at how they offer services to their clients. In the uncertain times ahead, we have been researching and put together a blog on how complementary therapists can still bring in an income despite not being able to offer one to one treatments.

Whilst we are on lockdown we still have access to technology so we can be in touch with our clients and platforms such as Zoom or House party allow us create online workshops that our clients subscribe too and pay for. These could be anything from guided meditations and breathwork to a tutorial on hand reflex points or create your own cleaning products. You could even send a pack of ingredients out beforehand so you all make something together. The extra bonuses to this service being you do not need to leave your home and can have as many people in as you like, you just need a good WIFI connection.

A level 3 aromatherapist or above will be qualified to create bespoke blends for the clients so whilst you cannot do aromatherapy massages you can offer a delivery service of aromatherapy-based products. You will need to create a simple consultation form that can be sent via email that captures all the necessary information and then your customer transfer you the money in advance so you can create them their products whether that is a nasal inhaler, bath oil or hand cream.

All complementary therapists can offer their existing client base and new potential clients gift vouchers that can be bought now and redeemed later when we are able to offer hands on treatments again. The demand for our services after the stress of the threat of COVID-19 and the lockdown surrounding it means we will be rushed off our feet so use that as a marketing tool to get people to commit with purchasing vouchers now. This can be advertised for free through social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram.

Reiki practitioners and other energy healers can offer distance healing to their clients for a fee so that they are still receiving benefits and this can be done as regularly as mutually agreed between the therapist and client. Other things that can be done would the retail for things such as crystals, books or anything else you sell in your treatment room or alongside your business. Currently royal mail and other courier services are still in operation, so this is a viable stream too.

None of the above necessarily trumps the many benefits of someone coming into your clinic room for a treatment but it can help people manage their anxieties and symptoms in the interim until we can treat them again.

Louise Mac – Anatomy & Physiology,  Aromatherapy and CPD Tutor 

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