FHT Diploma in Thai Massage Course 

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient system of healing with its roots in Yoga, ayurvedic medicine and buddhist spiritual practise. This unique and complete system of yoga therapy combines rhythmic massage, acupressure, gentle twisting, deep stretching, rocking and meditation in a flowing harmonious full body massage. The exquisite stretches eliminate tension, improve flexibility, enhance sports performance and maintain a pain-free healthy body.Thai massage releases tension, increases vitality and creates wholeness of mind body and spirit. Thai massage is performed on the floor on the clothed body and requires no special equipment other than a thick blanket or futon mattress. It provides practitioners with an effective therapeutic tool to add to their repertoire.

This FHT Certificate in Thai Massage (QCF) is a qualification that has been specifically designed to develop your ability to provide Thai massage treatments safely and effectively to clients in different circumstances. Underpinning this qualification you will develop a sound knowledge of health and safety and client care and communication.
The purpose of this qualification is to develop your skills in providing Thai massage treatments to a high level of occupational ability, to enable you to provide your own services for clients.

This wonderful course provides you with the knowledge of the principles of Thai massage and how Thai therapists practice. You will learn health, safety and hygiene, how to prepare the treatment area, yourself and your client. You will demonstrate
competence in dealing with clients by using consultation techniques, then using the information to plan treatments
on a holistic level. You will learn the benefits and techniques of Thai massage and will be able to provide treatments safely and effectively to clients in different circumstances.You will learn to reflect on the outcomes of treatments and offer a series of treatments to achieve a desirable result.


Course Content:

  • History and Origins of Thai massage
  • Health, Safety, sterilisation and Hygienic practice
  • Client consultation advice including contraindications +Actions
  • Preparation for Thai massage
  • Principles of safe body mechanics and Body movement
  • Traditional techniques /pressure of the hands, elbows, knees and feet.
  • Techniques in supine position - feet, legs & arms.
  • Techniques in Side lying position - shoulders back legs
  • Prone position, back, legs
  • Seated position
  • Client care and communication
  • Security Practices
  • Methods of Adaption
  • Aftercare/Home care advice/ self and client stretching
  • Professionalism, ethics, referrals and legislation
  • Practical Tuition, Guidance and Support throughout the course

Entry Requirements

All candidates are required to hold a level 3 qualification in Anatomy and Physiology and or Body Massage  if you do not have this qualification you can enrol on our Anatomy,Physiology & Pathology home-study course . If you have any questions please contact us to discuss.


Course Duration

8 Days (9.30-5.30)


Examination Process

You are required to produce a portfolio of evidence of Case studies  20 x 2hr (10 people x 2 treatments) which will be carried out at home. You will be continually assessed throughout the course to ensure you meet the required standards. You are required to complete final a practical and theory assessment to assess if you have achieved the required standard.


Qualification Attained

Upon completion you will receive an FHT Certificate in Thai Massage which is industry recognised and fully insurable.                            



This course is included in our payment plan scheme - contact us to learn more

£725.00 Includes tuition, learning resources, assessment fees, marking and certification

‘I love Liz’s teaching, she always takes the time to make sure I have understood and really feel a technique we have fun and yet work hard, the time always flies by….’

"Being 6'4 I often feel the need to have massage treatment on my back and I have experienced many massages in many different locations all over the world. I have had physiotherapist administered ones in London, spiritual ayurvedic ones in India, needle based ones, oily ones, sore ones and sports ones. However, the best I have ever felt after a massage was  when I met Liz for the best massage experience I have had yet. I had never had traditional Thai massage, had no idea what it involved but 90 mins later I felt lighter, looser and happier then I had in a long time, it was incredible. Liz has an incredible, flowing technique that feels so natural and finds areas to stretch that nothing else can reach, who knew your hips contained so much tension? As well as this she is a fascinating and amazing person and time flies by in her company. 

"Liz does is something special and unique, I return to see her whenever I can, I recommend her to everyone I can think of. Go, see her, be happy and feel amazing."