VRT Reflexology and Movement in Minutes


Excellent feedback regarding well-being, increased function, pain decrease and
relaxation from these VRT techniques, now all combined in one class.
1-day Course Syllabus:
- Vital Reflexology Techniques and Movement: a five minute revitalising
booster using a specific set of core VRT weight-bearing techniques which can be
incorporated into your classical sessions. Hand and foot reflexology is utilised plus
VRT weight-bearing and reclining techniques or for First Aid.
- Mobilisation warm-up protocol for elite and amateur sports-persons to ease
pain and increase function. Acclaimed VRT weight-bearing and movement
techniques to target the Sciatic/Hamstring/Piriformis and Psoas muscles/Lower
lumbar spine, Groin & Hip Flexors and Head & Neck reflexes plus the VRT Wrist
Twist technique. This protocol may be adapted to suit all clients.
- Working with children and babies - subtle, short effective techniques.
- Working with older people - adaptive VRT mobilisation techniques.
- Soothing techniques for Palliative Care situations using hand reflexology with
the option of short but profound gentle nail-working techniques for those Living
with Dementia. Both protocols can also be shared and taught to family and carers.
- Refine your skills and enhance your practice. Reclining, sitting and standing
positions for clients will be taught using the hands and feet.

Vertical Reflexology Techniques (VRT): Highly Commended for its Outstanding Contribution to Complementary Medicine by the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine (ICMN) Awards 2011.

Bestselling Vertical Reflexology Book (first published in 2000) was one of the Daily Telegraph's Complementary Books of the Year.

Lynne Booth has been awarded two Honorary Fellowships for her services to reflexology:  Advanced Reflexology Techniques (1998) and the Association of Reflexologists (2008).



Vertical Reflexology Techniques VRT



Infinity Training Academy, Derby Rd, Melbourne, Derbyshire DE73 8FE.


upcoming dates

Fri 29th June 2018

Price (one day course - add on to the VRT course, 28th June)

£99-00 Fee includes training manual, all learning materials, assessment and certification.


Therapists out there if you are wishing to expand your learning skills I recommend you book yourselves on a course or two with Infinity Training Academy,Sue Masters was my tutor, this lady is a shining star and a font of therapy knowledge.
Lynn, Alfreton.