FHT Table Thai Stretch Massage

Please note: In light of the COVID-19 pandemic we are changing the way we deliver the theoretical aspect of some of our courses. We will host virtual classrooms in order to deliver our same great standard of training whilst reducing the amount of face to face contact. Your training and safety is our Priority.

Table Thai Stretch Therapy utilises the exquisite stretches and presses from thai massage and shows how they can be adapted for use on the massage couch. It is the perfect complement to any exercise routine and is suitable for clients of all ages and abilities. The routine can be varied to suit a wide range of physical needs and can be used as a form of physical therapy to aid in the increase of motion and muscular strength.
Table Thai Stretch Therapy Massage Techniques are a great way to bring variety into your work and alleviate the repetitive movements of a more traditional massage treatment. The treatment is administered through loose fitting clothing.
This massage course will teach you the fundamentals of Thai Massage and how to effectively apply the techniques into your practice. You will therefore leave with the skills to enhance your treatment procedure. As a result of this course you will witness improved results amongst your client base.
You will be amazed at the benefits that sustained stretches and mobilisations will bring to your clients, thus reducing their pain and increasing their mobility.
Course content:
Day 1
Induction and Registration
Health and Safety
History and origins of Thai massage
how to adapt floor techniques for the couch
Body Mechanics
How to apply bodyweight and effective sustained stretches.
Warm up and yoga routine
Supine sequence
Practising in pairs.
Day 2
Warm up and yoga routine.
Prone sequence
Practising in pairs.
How to incorporate these techniques into your oil massage for maximum effect.
You will learn more in 2 days than you thought possible, and will leave with skills and confidence to integrate these new skills directly into your practice.
You will be able to carry out a full body clothed massage routine on the couch, understanding how to use your bodyweight to deliver strong sustained pressure in supine and prone, utilising pressing, mobilising and exquisite stretches from thai massage.

Entry Requirements

Candidates are required to hold a recognised level 3 qualification in Massage.


Examination Process

Your tutor will observe your performance throughout the course and you are required to sit a multiple choice paper which will assess your skills and knowledge against the required criteria governed by the Industries regulatory bodies.


You are required to complete 9 treatments as case studies. 3 clients x 3 treatments over a maximum period of 3 months in order to complete the qualification.


Qualification Attained

Upon successful completion you will receive an FHT certificate in Table Thai Stretch Massage. Please check with your insurance provider that this qualification is accepted before enrolling onto the course. Infinity Training Academy cannot be held responsible as all candidates accept our terms and conditions on enrolment.

N.B. Please note Infinity Training Academy is a private training provider although classes do not run on bank holidays they may be scheduled to run within school holidays so please check and plan before enrolling and committing to a course. Infinity Training Academy cannot be held responsible as this is highlighted in our

 'Terms and Conditions' which all candidates must read and agree to abide by before enrolment.


Training will take place at  our beautiful training academy in Melbourne, Derbyshire. Location, travel and accommodation information will be sent to you following enrolment. To book a course please complete the  on-line booking form or if you have any questions please Call Sue on 07971987940. We look forward to welcoming you onto our courses.


upcoming dates


4th and 5th November 

Advanced Thai Techniques- 6th November

Price (two day course plus case studies)

£165.00 Fee includes training manual, all learning materials and certification.


What can I say but a massive thank you Liz for the last 2 days. The Table Thai Stretch massage course was amazing and I can't believe how much I learnt in such a short space of time. The course was well structured and the timing was spot on. You as a teacher inspired me and gave me so much confidence and I am looking forward to starting my case studies. Thank you so much and I will be recommending the course and the academy to all my therapy friends.