The most popular and favoured carrier oil of therapists is Vitis vinifera known by its common name of grapeseed due to its pale colour, light scent and good consistency. With it coming from the grape vines it was first thought to be grown in France during Napoleons reign but is now mostly grown in Spain, Argentina and Italy. A high yield of oil comes from the grape seeds of 13% which is why commercially it is a low cost compared to other carrier oils.

There are over 3000 types of grapes in the world but generally among nearly all of the these the rule is that each grape contains 2 seeds however as the wine makers do not need them they become a by product of the process. The wasted seeds are washed, dried, ground and then heated before being processed in a mill to get the oil out.

Grapeseed has a thin texture that gives slip but doesn’t feel too greasy and be easily blended with other carrier oils and keeps well too. Many people find it gives a smooth feel to the skin and has good emollient properties. The oil has been found to contain vitamins E, C and β-carotene (Price, 2008 p104)

The oil also has no known contra indications and is non- toxic and hypo allergenic (Winter, 1999 p.226) so it is an easy one to choose in the treatment room especially over nut oils. It is for these reasons that it is used so much in the cosmetics industry as a base for creams to made from.

Grapeseed oil is available to buy from Infinity Training Academy.

Louise Mac – Anatomy & Physiology, and Aromatherapy Tutor 







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