Chances are you created a business plan with your first every therapy qualification as it is usually a requirement unit with the big awarding bodies and at the time whilst it felt daunting it was really worth doing. Many people get into complementary therapies to be their own boss, help people or achieve a better work life balance. The running a business part comes toward the bottom of our list of things we like doing.

The challenge of looking into competitors, pricing, marketing strategies, target markets and continuing professional development plans is not a quick and easy task abut definitely worth revisiting if you haven’t done so recently. When I did my initial training, we had to submit a business plan which was marked and then it was mailed back to us 12-18 months after we qualified and it certainly made for interesting reading. I’d had different opportunities arise to those that I thought I would and ended up in a completely different area so that all the work I had done on competitors and pricing and CPD options was no longer particularly relevant. Since then I have revisited my plan every 12 months usually January as that is when we are swept in new year ambition.

Looking at your business and how you feel about it regularly is important but with so many other things to do first it often gets left behind. Things in our industry are fast paced and it is certainly worth looking at if you haven’t done so recently. It could be there is one therapy that you absolutely love that you want to do more training in such as reflexology or it may be that your working hours are different now and you need to do some marketing to reflect that and gain a new customer base.

Does your business still make you smile and excited or does it make you feel tired because you have not made clear enough boundaries with workloads and clients. All you need is some quiet time for reflection and a notebook to jot these things down. The lockdown of corona virus has given many therapists food for thought on how we do things and perhaps some of this time can be taken to look at your business as a whole. There is no need to rewrite a business plan but just jot some things down and get an idea in your head of where you want to go. I personally love creating a vision board with pictures, magazine clippings and doodles but you can do them online with free software too. It doesn’t have to be a 4-page A4 document unless you want it to be.

You can also utilise other people and ask them to look at your website/social media pages for honest feedback or ask them if they have any ideas for you to diversify into. Very often we are the biggest person holding ourselves back. Try following other people on social media that do therapies similar to you to gain inspiration on how they present themselves what they do and how they offer their services and products.

There are lots of free resources online to utilise and even small business coaches out there if you feel you want some direction and someone to bounce ideas off but don’t put off reflecting on your business as it could be the key to huge growth or more contentment within your working life.


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