Fire Cupping Therapy Training Courses -FHT Accredited


This  FHT fire cupping therapy training course will teach learners how to treat a range of physical and emotional conditions with this wonderfully effective and fascinating therapy.Fire cupping is an ancient technique in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapy TMC practitioners believe that a person’s chi, or vital energy, gets imbalanced when they are ill, stressed or injured. In Eastern society, it is thought that fire cupping pulls out blockages in the patient’s chi which allows energy to flow more freely and promotes healing. Fire cupping is a form of deep tissue massage that promotes stress relief and relaxation.


Fire cupping has been used to treat: chronic back pains, arthritis, swollen and painful joints, respiratory problems, colds, headaches/migraines, promote relaxation, sleep disorders, cellulite reduction, anxiety and depression.

Performing cupping over injured sites promotes better circulation, thus, speed up the healing process. The detoxification effect of the blood suction also allows for old blood to vacate the capillaries and be filled with new ones result to renewed energy and vitality

The treatment involves the placement of a heated glass cups on the skin which creates a vacuum.  The vacuum is created by removing the oxygen from the cup via a flame, the cup is immediately applied to the area which requires treatment. Skin and superficial muscle layer is drawn into and held in the cup.  It can be used to treat different disorders in its own right or in conjunction with other therapies.


Following the course you will:

  • Be qualified to practice and charge for fire cupping
  • Gain insurance and membership to practice
  • Offer your clients' a unique treatment
  • Have a fantastic skill to use alone or incorporate with existing treatments
  • Be more employable, freelance at salons, spas etc- Rare treatment
  • Increase revenue, very specialised
  • Have a tool that has zero impact on the therapist to perform
  • Have fun, not many treatments involve fire!

Course Content

  • Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Philosophy and Theory
  • The five elements
  • What is chi
  • Eastern and Western Medicine
  • Effects and Benefits of fire cupping
  • Who would benefit from treatment
  • Contra-indications and Contra-actions
  • Health, Safety and Hygiene procedures
  • Practical Application and procedures


Entry Requirement

All candidates are required to hold a Level 3 Massage Qualification as a prerequisite.


Course Times

10am-5pm. Learners please arrive 9:30am-9:45am for introduction to promptly start at 10am.


Examination Process

Continual assessments takes place during the programme to assess practical skills and knowledge gained during the course in line with the training schools expectations and standards.

Qualification Attained

Certificate in Fire Cupping Therapy accredited by the FHT. Please check with your insurance provider that this qualification is accepted before enrolling onto the course. Infinity Training Academy cannot be held responsible as all candidates accept our terms and conditions on enrolment.
N.B. Please note Infinity Training Academy is a private training provider although classes do not run on bank holidays they may be scheduled to run within school holidays so please check and plan before enrolling and committing to a course. Infinity Training Academy cannot be held responsible as this is highlighted in our 'Terms and Conditions' which all candidates must read and agree to abide by before enrolment.



Monday 21st February

Price (one day course)

£175.00 Fee includes tuition, course manual, assessment & certification
 Indi Lall Derby
 Indi Lall Derby

"I have just completed a training course in Fire Cupping at Infinity Training Academy , I just wanted you to say that I really enjoyed the course. Sue and Sally's friendly and encouraging approach ensured that we all felt at ease taking on these new learning experiences. Their teaching was clear and concise and they are very knowledgeable and have many years of industry and training experience. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their training to others".