EMM-Tech Short Course

A short course in Easy Muscle Management. These moves are specially selected from the Emmett Technique professional course.

Emmett is a system of body work devised by Ross Emmett, an extremely gifted and intuitive practitioner. Visit his Australian based website www.rossemmett.com.au or the UK site at www.emmett-uk.com for more information.

The course will provide you with tools to simply and effectively release tension and tightness in 11 key muscles.


Course Content:

  • Sternocleidomastoid (SCM) to free up neck rotation problems.
  • Pectoralis Minor used for shoulder problems, and difficulty reaching the arm behind the body.
  • Biceps 2 moves to release the shoulder when there is a restriction on lifting the arm. An  excellent tool to    help with frozen shoulder and with any biceps strain.
  • Forearm release will help improve grip strength. Can also help with elbow problems, and RSI
  • Latissimus dorsi release frees up the arm lift where there is a “dragging” under the arm.  Also great for addressing lower back tightness and pain.
  • Diaphragm/Abdominal release – to open out the ribcage and help with breathing difficulties.  Releases tight abdominal muscles and hunched over posture. Allows client to breathe more easily and deeply.
  • ITB release. Quicker and simpler and less painful than massage techniques!
  • ITB/Sartorius where there is difficulty squatting and lack of strength in the legs
  • gastroc/calf for tense tight and fluid filled calves. Also assists balance.
  • Foot Balance moves to assist balance and stability. So simple. So effective.


The results from these moves are usually immediate – you will be able to see and feel the changes for yourself and after only a short demonstration and practice you will be able to achieve the same kind of results for your own family/friends/clients.


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Price (one day course)

£100.00 Includes manual and dvd

Price (one day course)

£100.00 includes a manual and a DVD in which Ross Emmett demonstrates each move, to help you refresh your memory.