EMM-Tech Short Course

A short course in Easy Muscle Management. These moves are specially selected from the Emmett Technique professional course.

Emmett is a system of body work devised by Ross Emmett, an extremely gifted and intuitive practitioner. Visit his Australian based website www.rossemmett.com.au or the UK site at www.emmett-uk.com for more information.

The course will provide you with tools to simply and effectively release tension and tightness in 11 key muscles.

Course Content:

- Sternocleidomastoid (SCM) to free up neck rotation problems.

- Pectoralis Minor used for shoulder problems, and difficulty reaching the arm behind the body.

- Biceps 2 moves to release the shoulder when there is a restriction on lifting the arm. An  excellent         tool to    help with frozen shoulder and with any biceps strain.

- Forearm release will help improve grip strength. Can also help with elbow problems, and RSI

- Latissimus dorsi release frees up the arm lift where there is a “dragging” under the arm.    Also great     for            addressing lower back tightness and pain.

- Diaphragm/Abdominal release – to open out the ribcage and help with breathing                                                        difficulties.  Releases tight abdominal muscles and hunched over posture. Allows client to       breathe   more      easily and deeply.

- ITB release. Quicker and simpler and less painful than massage techniques!

- ITB/Sartorius where there is difficulty squatting and lack of strength in the legs

- Gastroc/calf for tense tight and fluid filled calves. Also assists balance.

- Foot Balance moves to assist balance and stability. So simple. So effective.
  The results from these moves are usually immediate – you will be able to see and feel the       changes   for          yourself and after only a short demonstration and practice you will be able to     achieve the same   kind of          results for your own family/friends/clients.

Course Times


Places are limited and allocated on a 1st come, 1st served basis.

N.B. Please note Infinity Training Academy is a private training provider although classes do not run on bank holidays they may be scheduled to run within school holidays so please check and plan before enrolling and committing to a course. Infinity Training Academy cannot be held responsible as this is highlighted in our 'Terms and Conditions' which all candidates must read and agree to abide by before enrolment.


Training will take place at our beautiful training academy in Melbourne, Derbyshire. Location, travel and accommodation information will be sent to you following enrolment.

Infinity Training Academy, Williams Yard, Melbourne, Derbyshire DE73 8FE, UK

Call: Claire Stone on 07908 254175 or email soul.stone@hotmail.co.uk


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Price (one day course)

£100.00 includes a manual and a DVD in which Ross Emmett demonstrates each move, to help you refresh your memory.