Course Calendar

March  2020
VTCT Diploma Aromatherapy1st
FHT Indian Head Massage2nd-FULL
FHT Table Thai Stretch Massage 5th- FULL
FHT Ear Candling9th
 Wednesday Workshop11th
FHT Holistic Facials16th
Seated/On-site Massage20th
FHT Oriental Fusion Facial23rd
Social Media Content & Trends25th
FHT Seated Bamboo27th
FHT Hawaiian Lomilomi30th
April 2020
Fire Cupping6th
Emmett Technique- module 3 20th & 21st
FHT Pregnancy Massage
Social Media-Facebook Insights29th
May  2020
Oriental Thai Foot Ritual1st
VTCT Diploma Reflexology2nd
L3 Diploma Massage Therapies7th
FHT Hot Stone Massage10th
 Wednesday Workshop13th
FHT Thai Compress Massage15th
Social Media-Twitter Analytics20th
FHT Holistic Facials28th
June 2020
Certificate Thai Massage1st
FHT Warm Bamboo Massage
Emmett Technique- module 48th & 9th
Advanced Massage Techniques10th
FHT Indian Head Massage14th
 Wednesday Workshop17th
Seated/On-site Massage22nd
Beginners Guide to Instagram24th
Emergency First Aid26th
July 2020
FHT Ear Candling
Maternity Reflexology4th
Facial Reflexology5th
FHT Hawaiian Lomilomi
Aromatherapy in Pregnancy 10th
FHT Oriental Fusion Facial13th
Wednesday Workshop15th
Emmett Technique- module 520th & 21st
Social media – Top Tips29th
Reproreflexology-Part 130th
August 2020
How to use Canva26th
September 2020
VTCT Diploma Massage5th
Mindful Aromatherapy8th
FHT Hot Stone Massage13th
Emmett Technique- module 614th & 15th
 Wednesday Workshop16th
FHT Pregnancy Massage19th
FHT Holistic Facials27th
Aromatherapy for Pain Management29th
Beginners guide to Facebook30th
October 2020
VTCT Diploma Aromatherapy4th
FHT Indian Head Massage5th
Aromatherapy -Additional Oil ( L4)
Baby Massage Instructors12th
Emmett Review and clinic day19th & 20th
The Importance of Blogging28th
November 2020
FHT Pregnancy Massage2nd
FHT Table Thai Stretch Massage4th
Advanced Thai Techniques6th
VTCT Diploma Reflexology7th
Videos for Social media25th
Reproflexology -Part 226th
FHT Hot Stone Massage29th
December 2020
Create a YouTube channel & how to use it!2nd