One thing I always recommend to complementary therapy students is that they really do the market research in their area and go for lots of treatments within your local area and check out the local competition from a variety of businesses. It can be on these sessions that you experience or see something that you can add into your own therapy business. I have listed ten items that can help stand you out from the rest of the competition with your clients.

1 – A properly dressed massage chair or table. I have laid on beds that have lots of extras on from comfy client systems to duvets under couch covers and plenty of bolsters and warm blankets. The warmth and comfort of a client is paramount and certainly makes you stand out from those using couch roll and towels.

2 – Effective sound system. Whether it is all singing and dancing speakers in the ceiling hooked up to your ipad or the use of something like a google mini or alexa having continuous music playing that doesn’t get interrupted by a phone call or the CD stopping certainly create a winning atmosphere. (For some beautiful Licence FREE music visit

3 – Mood lighting. It may be the addition of a coloured lamp, salt lamp or similar or clever LEDS within shelving or even dimmer switches and blackout blinds but it is essential to create the right lighting for the treatments that you offer to maximise effectiveness.

4 – Dressing under the couch. We imagine most clients pop their head into the face hole, shut their eyes and drift off into a zen like state but you would be surprised by how many keep their eyes open so offer them something pretty to look at. Maybe a bowl full of water and floating flowers or some crystals assembled on a tray, choose something that complements your room or the therapies you offer.

5 – Matching furniture/theme throughout. This could be because I am a virgo but I feel more relaxed in a room that is well painted with matching furniture and theme throughout – for example using the same colour palettes. In the beginning this may not be viable especially if you are testing the waters but should be something you aim towards.

6 – Nice glassware for refreshments. Everyone appreciates a fine wine glass in a restaurant and the same can be said for tumblers and the refreshments you provide your clients after their treatment. It is all still part of their experience.

7 – The addition of heat. It could be in the form of a heated massage couch cover or the use of warm towel mitts at the beginning of the treatment as well as offering something like hot stone/bamboo massage. Warmth helps us feel instantly relaxed and can help soothe the muscles making our job as massage therapists easier.

8 – Scent. Electric diffusers have soared in popularity and make a great companion to the treatment room as some have lighting that can add to the ambience and the diffusers themselves gently add essential oils and their benefits to the room.

Ultimately the space you work from should be a reflection of you and somewhere that you feel comfortable working from that will make your clients feel most at ease. Is there anything else you would add to this list?


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