There are no hard and fast rules for being a holistic therapist, once you have done you initial training you will have little quirks and standards different to others but imagine if there were ten commandments you always followed? What would they look like? We have put together our own ideas below.

  1. Thou shall instruct the client multiple times about where to place themselves on the massage couch. We have all done it where we have entered back into the tranquil room to find a client on top of all the covers and sarongs and not under them – making you have to get more out of the drawer/cupboard in order to cover the client decently and ensure they don’t get cold.
  2. Thou shall wash their hands. Seems obvious but the risk of cross contamination even before coronavirus came about was a thing. Also, who wants to smell what you had for lunch or a snack on your fingers while they are enjoying a facial? No one.
  3. Thou will take someone falling asleep as the biggest compliment. In no other industry would it be acceptable for someone to fall asleep in your company but as holistic therapists we celebrate it.
  4. Thou shall ask about the pressure. Always. Some people like a light gentle flowing massage and some like a firm pressure that causes redness around the scapula that could rival a beetroot. No therapist wants to get it the wrong way round.
  5. Thou shall secretly refer to oneself as widow twanky for the amount of washing you do on a day to day basis. Whilst there are many products and tricks out there to make the wash load less per client there is still a lot. No one understands or expects this until they are a practising therapist.
  6. Thou must take care of oneself. In order to be able to treat your own clients you must practice what you preach and schedule regular treatments to keep you at your optimum, so your clients get the best possible treatment from you.
  7. Thou must invest in good music for the treatment rooms. I know for a fact two members of the team once had massages to loud sea shanty music that resembled a fishing village pub. Interesting experience not the most relaxing. If you are struggling for this check out Its licence free too so no need for a music licence to play this beautiful music created by British artists.
  8. Thou shall swear over technology including websites, social media, booking forms, wifi for music and lighting at least once per week. We became holistic therapists to use our hands and help people not become the next Elon Musk. No one knows how much technology is involved in being a self-employed holistic therapist until it is too late.
  9. Thou shall not talk about one’s own problems. This is your clients time to offload and for you to help bring them to a point of relaxation. Adding in your own two pennies worth about your sister in law’s latest antics does not help matters.
  10. Thou shall always spend too much time looking at and reading/interpreting tattoos on the client’s body. We can’t help it they are interesting to look at and we are not breaking the silence to ask you.

Louise Mac – Anatomy & Physiology,  Aromatherapy and CPD Tutor 

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