Try before you buy

Interested in learning a new skill but unsure about what's involved or how it feels?

Infinity Training Acadmey now offer a unique service where you can book in to receive a treatment of which you would like to learn. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet the tutors, ask questions and experience the treatment yourself. Often when in search of a new therapy or skill we are limited to what we read in magazines, internet or what they have heard from friends, colleagues and clients. Now you can make your own mind up if a course is for you or not.

How will this benefit me?

- Following the treatment you will know if it's something you would like to offer your client's
- Avoid wasting time and money on courses because you didn't like the treatment in training
- Get the full experience of a professional- How the treatment should feel
- You will get one on one time with your tutor to ask as many questions as you can think of.

What other people say

" I always wanted to learn Reflexology but I was nervous about the workload as I have a full time job and have a young child. I booked in to have a treatment with Sue who put me as ease straight away and explained the course and what work was expected of me before the treatment. I was blown away by the treatment and what my feet said about me and my body. I knew straight away that I wanted to learn Reflexology and have enrolled onto the next course, I can't wait.
Claire, Staffordshire.

Upon hearing and reading about the metamorphic technique treatment I became increasingly interested about it and its benefits. However, I wasn't sure if it was for me or not, or how it would feel. From having the treatment with Sue I was able to experience everything about the treatment and Sue was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with questions I had about course.
I found the treatment to be extremely relaxing and soothing. A couple of weeks after the treatment I was able to deal with a crisis in my life which I feel before I had had the treatment I may possibly not have been able to handle.
I have enrolled onto the course and looking forward to learning the metamorphic technique.

Chistina, Derby.

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