Our innovative device measures hydration and oil levels of your skin, scalp or body in seconds. The first of its kind, HydraTest® utilises the latest BIA technology (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) the same credible technology used in larger medical and beauty equipment to ensure accurate and precise information.

Professional Use - HydraTest® has helped businesses increase product sales by offering skin analysis as a treatment menu item. Show your clients credible results from your treatments and over time the improvements of their skin. HydraTest is fast becoming the essential industry tool. It has been extensively tested in commercial beauty, spa and hair professional environments.

Key Features

  First of its kind in the market

   Instant analysis
  Keep a personal check on your/your clients' skin
  Easy and simple to operate
  Use with your favourite skin care
  Perfect partner in treatments

  Portable, without additional software or equipment costs.
  Engage customers in their treatments and provide credible results.
  Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis technology (BIA), used in larger medical and beauty equipment.
  British developed and engineered product manufactured.



The Principal's Recommendation:

" We have been using the Hydratest ® at Infinity within our courses, tradeshows and events with great success. This device is to use alongside the therapists knowledge to confirm their findings when analysing the clients skin type and condition. A reading can be taken before a facial (for example),  after specific products have been used take another reading to see the results". " The Hydratest ® is perfect to use for those clients who love the science but also it's great for them to physically see the improved hydration in their skin".

The Hydratest ® is great for those therapists who struggle recommending products to their clients, simply click and press!"

Directions of use:

Simply press the button on the device, place the sensors on your skin and wait for a few seconds, refer the read out to the reference guide to check the condition of your skin.

We all lead busy lives and with our skin being exposed to stress from constant hot, cold and artificial environments this can play havoc with our skins hydration and can lead to potential premature ageing.

Retail Price:  £55 (includes battery and analysis card) + £3.50 p+p

What's in the box?
1 x HydraTest® Skin Analysis Device          
1 x Analysis Guide (Credit Card size)
1 x User Manual
1 x AAA Battery

129 x 18 x 18 mm

Actual Product Weight:   
30g (without battery)
40g (with battery)

Battery life:
Approximately 1000 measurements



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